About Us

Craighead Electric Cooperative, like most cooperatives, has always been highly involved in the community (Concern for the Community is the seventh cooperative principle). Craighead Electric & Empower employees have participated in charitable sports events, fundraisers, gift drives, and sponsorships with varying frequency and commitment in the past, but the realization was made that we could do more.

Our Mission

In 2018, the Co-Op Cares campaign was launched as 501(c)(3) nonprofit. It is an employee-sponsored community fund with the mission to support various local charitable organizations. It does not receive any funding from Craighead Electric, Empower, or CEC members. Employee contribution is voluntary, but Co-Op Cares currently benefits from over 90% employee participation.

The first year of the campaign was an outstanding success, with 64 charitable groups, school programs, food banks, and others receiving a total of more than $30,000 from the generosity of Craighead Electric & Empower Employees as well as other Co-Op Cares donors. Thank you to all who have contributed. The spreadsheet below contains all of our charitable contributions!

OrganizationDate of Donation
Bono Church of Christ Backpack Program6/6/2024
Local Mpact6/6/2024
Breaking Bonds Ministries‚Äč6/6/2024
Sleep in Heavenly Peace5/14/2024
C.A.S.T. for Kids4/16/2024
DARE 2 Tread the Trails4/16/2024
Arkansas Pilots for Christ4/16/2024
CASA of the 2nd Judical District3/21/2024
The Growing Minds Foundation3/21/2024
Paragould Kiwanis Golf Tournament3/21/2024
Craighead County Sheriff's Department3/21/2024
Greene County Sheriff's Department3/21/2024
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund3/21/2024
Arkansas Baptist Children & Family Ministries2/8/2024
Jonesboro Rotary Club1/16/2024
Options On Main1/16/2024
Williams Works1/16/2024
Paragould High School East Dheliah Project1/16/2024
Foodbank of NEA1/16/2024
City of Lynn Fire Department11/17/2023
Shop With a Cop11/13/2023
Together We Foster11/13/2023
Riverside School District11/13/2023
Sloan-Hendrix School District11/13/2023
Bay School District11/13/2023
Brookland School District11/13/2023
BIC School District11/13/2023
Westside School District11/13/2023
Earle School District11/13/2023
Hillcrest School District11/13/2023
Hoxie School District11/13/2023
Greene County Tech School District11/13/2023
Paragould School District11/13/2023
Trumann School District11/13/2023
Valley View School District11/13/2023
Harrisburg School District11/13/2023
Marmaduke School District11/13/2023
Walnut Ridge School District11/13/2023
Brookland Middle School Special Olympics10/11/2023
United Way9/20/2023
Central Fire Department8/29/2023
Sleep In Heavenly Peace8/28/2023
Jonesboro DARE Program8/28/2023
Cooperative Family Fund8/28/2023
Mission Outreach of NEA8/28/2023
JHDC Volunteer Council8/28/2023
Snider Performance + Spine8/28/2023
Autism Association of NEA7/27/2023
Lighthouse Cooperative School5/31/2023
Breaking Bonds Ministries5/31/2023
Focus Inc.5/31/2023
Sure Foundation5/18/2023
Local Mpact4/27/2023
Cast for Kids4/27/2023
Theta Upsilon Foundation4/27/2023
Lake City Parks4/25/2023
Lawrence County Cooperative School4/13/2023
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund3/15/2023
Period Project @ Paragould Highschool3/15/2023
Pilots for Christ3/15/2023
Ag for Autism3/13/2023
Henry Wrinkles Foundation3/13/2023
Walnut Ridge School District1/20/2023
Swifton First Assembly of God Food Pantry1/20/2023
Hope Found of NEA1/20/2023
Isaiah 61 Ministries1/20/2023
Lake City Little League1/20/2023
Junior Auxiliary of Jonesboro11/28/2022
Riverside School District11/7/2022
Sloan-Hendrix School District11/7/2022
Bay School District11/7/2022
Brookland School District11/7/2022
BIC School District11/7/2022
Westside School District11/7/2022
Earle School District11/7/2022
Hillcrest School District11/7/2022
Hoxie School District11/7/2022
Greene County Tech School District11/7/2022
Paragould School District11/7/2022
Trumann School District11/7/2022
Valley View School District11/7/2022
Harrisburg School District11/7/2022
Marmaduke School District11/7/2022
Together We Foster11/7/2022
Pay It Forward Paragould11/7/2022
Beck Center for Veterans10/17/2022
Family Crisis Center10/17/2022
Lawrence County Junior Auxiliary10/17/2022
Local Mpact10/17/2022
NEA Alzheimer's Alliance10/13/2022
Lawrence County 4-H Foundation9/19/2022
Helping Neighbors Food Pantry9/16/2022
JHDC Volunteer Council9/16/2022
Jonesboro DARE Program9/16/2022
Stop the Bleeding Foundation9/16/2022
City of Paragould8/16/2022
Junior Auxiliary of Paragould8/16/2022
Mission Outreach of NEA8/16/2022
Sleep In Heavenly Peace8/9/2022
NEA Humane Society7/13/2022
Options on Main7/13/2022
Foodbank of NEA7/13/2022
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Food Bank7/13/2022
Lighthouse Homeschool Cooperative6/23/2022
Cast for Kids5/31/2022
Breaking Bonds Ministries5/31/2022
Williams Works5/31/2022
Options in Paragould5/5/2022
Greene County Community Fund5/5/2022
Restoration House Ministries5/5/2022
Hope Found of NEA5/5/2022
NEA Education Cooperative5/5/2022
Bay Youth Association5/5/2022
City of Monette3/14/2022
City of Trumann3/14/2022
Hope Found of NEA12/15/2021
Brookland Schools District12/15/2021
Harrisburg School District12/15/2021
Buffalo Island Central School District12/15/2021
Greene County Tech School District12/15/2021
Hillcrest School District12/15/2021
Marmaduke School District12/15/2021
Paragould School District12/15/2021
Westside School District12/15/2021
Trumann School District12/15/2021
Hoxie School District12/15/2021
Riverside School District12/15/2021
Trumann School District12/15/2021
Hoxie School District12/15/2021
Riverside School District12/15/2021
Sloan Hendrix School District12/15/2021
Bay School District12/15/2021
Isaiah 61 Ministries12/15/2021
Together We Foster12/15/2021
Lawrence County School District12/15/2021
Wings of Honor10/6/2021
City of Jonesboro9/10/2021
NEA Share Hope9/10/2021
Focus Inc.9/1/2021
Brookland School District8/24/2021
Desired Haven7/16/2021
Bono Church of Christ7/16/2021
Breaking Bonds Ministries6/8/2021
Craighead County Co-op Extension Service6/8/2021
Cast for Kids5/10/2021
Hoxie School District12/17/2020
Walnut Ridge School District12/17/2020
Salvation Army12/15/2020
Options on Main12/15/2020
Kings Ranch12/15/2020
Brookland FFA12/15/2020
GCT FFA12/11/2020
Marmaduke School District12/11/2020
Marmaduke FFA12/11/2020
Agape House12/11/2020
Hillcrest School District12/10/2020
Hillcrest FFA12/10/2020
Sloan Hendrix School District12/10/2020
Sloan Hendrix FFA12/10/2020
Westside Schools12/10/2020
Westside FFA12/10/2020
Buffalo Island Central12/10/2020
Diego Ranch12/10/2020
Trumann School District12/10/2020
Riverside School12/10/2020
Restoration House Ministries12/10/2020
In His Wings Ministry12/7/2020
Pay It Forward Paragould12/7/2020
Bread of Life Food Pantry12/7/2020
Harrisburg School12/7/2020
Greene County Tech School District12/7/2020
Bay School District12/7/2020
Bay FFA12/7/2020
Paragould FFA12/7/2020
Paragould School District12/7/2020
Brookland Schools12/1/2020
Three Rivers Food Pantry11/24/2020
Earle Baptist Church Food Pantry11/24/2020
Griffin Memorial UMC Food Pantry11/24/2020
Trumann Food Pantry11/24/2020
Walnut Ridge First Baptist Church Food Pantry11/23/2020
Mission Outreach of NEA11/23/2020
Herman Missionary Baptist Church11/19/2020
Hope Found of NEA9/24/2020
The Children's Shelter9/24/2020
Good Samaritan Outreach9/24/2020
God's Harvest For Our Neighbors Food Pantry9/24/2020
Foodbank of NEA9/2/2020
Westside Schools8/18/2020
Harrisburg School District8/18/2020
Earle School District8/18/2020
Trumann School District8/18/2020
Riverside School8/18/2020
Buffalo Island Central School8/18/2020
Law Co. School District8/18/2020
Hoxie School District8/18/2020
Sloan Hendrix School District8/18/2020
Hillcrest School District8/18/2020
Paragould Chamber of Commerce8/18/2020
Marmaduke School District8/18/2020
Greene County Tech School District8/18/2020
Bono Church of Christ8/18/2020
City Youth Ministries7/22/2020
Savana Martinez3/18/2020
Susan G. Komen3/13/2020
Bay School District3/11/2020
Gearhead Outfitters3/11/2020
Hillcrest Shooting Sports3/6/2020
NEA Alzheimer's Alliance1/30/2020
NEA Children's Advocacy Center1/29/2020
Hope Found of NEA1/28/2020
Hoxie School District1/27/2020
Greene County Community Fund1/27/2020
First Baptist Church, WR Food Pantry11/25/2019
Herman Missionary Baptist Church Food Pantry11/25/2019
Good Samaritan Outreach11/25/2019
Trumann Food Pantry11/25/2019
God's Harvest For Our Neighbors Food Pantry11/25/2019
Griffin Memorial UMC Food Pantry11/25/2019
Bread of Life Food Pantry11/25/2019
Three Rivers Food Pantry11/25/2019
Earle Baptist Church11/25/2019
Harrisburg Elementary School11/18/2019
Riverside School11/18/2019
Trumann Elementary School11/18/2019
Buffalo Island Central Student Council11/18/2019
Westside Schools11/18/2019
Law Co School District11/18/2019
Hoxie School District11/18/2019
Hillcrest School District11/18/2019
Sloan Hendrix Parent Center Goodwill11/18/2019
Green Co. Tech11/12/2019
Paragould Primary School11/12/2019
Brookland Elementary School11/12/2019
Marmaduke Elementary School11/12/2019
NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation10/31/2019
Stepping Stone Sanctuary10/31/2019
Pay It Forward Paragould10/30/2019
Special Olympics Arkansas10/16/2019
New St. John's Baptist Church10/9/2019
Greene Co. Foster Parent Assoc.10/9/2019
Philadelphia Baptist Church Food Pantry10/9/2019
JHDC Volunteer Council10/2/2019
Brookland Middle School10/2/2019
The Children's Shelter9/4/2019
Breaking Bonds Ministries9/4/2019
Law Co 4-H Foundation9/4/2019
Family Crisis Center8/27/2019
Earle Baptist Church Food Pantry7/15/2019
Good Samaritan Outreach7/15/2019
Bread of Life Food Pantry7/15/2019
FBC Walnut Ridge Food Pantry7/15/2019
God's Harvest For Our Neighbors Food Pantry7/15/2019
Griffin Memorial UMC Food Pantry7/15/2019
Herman Missionary Baptist Church Food Pantry7/15/2019
Three Rivers Food Pantry7/15/2019
Trumann Food Pantry7/15/2019
City Youth Ministries7/11/2019
NEA Bass Nation5/30/2019
Jump Start Animal Shelter5/24/2019
Arkansas Pilots for Christ Inc.5/20/2019
East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging5/20/2019
Buffalo Island St. Jude Auction5/20/2019
Bono Church of Christ5/17/2019
The Learning Center of NEA4/29/2019
Susan G. Komen4/25/2019
Mission Outreach of NEA4/17/2019
Christians 4 Kids4/16/2019
The Compassionate Friends of Lawrence County4/10/2019
Riverside Public Schools4/9/2019
EA Sports Management, LLC4/5/2019
Brookland Police Department4/3/2019
Make a Wish2/15/2019
Foundation of Arts1/22/2019
Total Donated to Date: $224,206.25

Our Current Committee

Our group of awesome employees helping make this happen.

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